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Outlook Express for Windows 7 and Windows 10 [ Download ] - Rafael - 04-26-2014

Download Outlook Express for win 7, 8, 8.1 and 10:
[Image: download.png]

Download Outlook Express

The only version that works, including send-to, remembering passwords, and many other working fetures.

Outlook Express , one of most used email client worldwide, discontinued after Windows XP, now available again for all newer versions of windows including Windows 7 ,Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 from!

[Image: outlook-express-win8-win7.jpg]

Available install languages on this version:
English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified, Chinese, Traditional, Chinese, Arabic, Albanian,
Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Brazilian, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Russian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian,
Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Estonian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Thai, Hebrew

Language of Outlook Express can be changed also after installation through settings menu on tray icon.

A multi purpose tray icon menu, created by, gives more power to Outlook Express.  

[Image: oe-tray-icon-menu.jpg]

Usefull settings that can easily changed.

(To open tray icon menu right click on tray icon on bottom right of taskbar, if you can't see Outlook Express tray icon, click on small arrow to expand tray icons.)

[Image: OutlookExpress_7_8_settings.JPG]

Outlook Express is included on 'Default Programs' List of Windows so it can be easily set as default email,news and mapi client.
[Image: OutlookExpress_7_8_defaults.JPG]

Fidolook was an excellent add-on for outlook express, I improves outlook express with much features, patched specially for this OE version, can be enabled through right click on outlook express tray icon menu!
[Image: OutlookExpress_7_8_fidolook.JPG]

Fidolook addon available on tools and add-ons section.

Using right click menu and sending emails through other programs (Mapi mail) now works just like on XP!
[Image: OutlookExpress_7_8_sendto.JPG]
[Image: OutlookExpress_7_8_sendpage.JPG]

Outlook Express Import-Export works normally so you can import old emails or export existing.
[Image: OutlookExpress_7_8_import.JPG]

Address book can be launched directly through Addres Book shortcut without opening Outlook Express.
[Image: OutlookExpress_7_8_addressbook.JPG]

Download Outlook Express for win 7, 8, 8.1 and 10:
[Image: download.png]
Download Outlook Express

*Windows 10 users please read here before downloading:

*For users that use WinMail: Windows Mail (WinMail) is incompatible with Outlook Express, OE installer may disable some WinMail features.

Last Updates:
v.2.2.1 -8-12-2017
Fixed windows 10 installation issue.
Faster installation

v.2.2.0 -19-10-17
More reliable installer
Fixed Windows 10 (build 16299) installation issue
Fixed 'wab32.dll interferes with Windows Fax and Scan' issue
Some other minor fixes

v.2.1.1 -19-5-16
More reliable installer
Work offline feature (using right click on Tray icon)
Fixed eset issue (hang on users that have eset and "email intergration" enabled)
Some other minor fixes

v.2.1 -23-11-15
Fixed installation problems
Fixed runtime errors
Send-To for Windows 8 and 10
Simple Mapi mail now available (Send emails through other programs) for Windows 7, 8 and 10.
Fixed Help menu
Faster and easy installation

v.2.0.0 - 26-3-15
Simple Mapi mail now available (Send emails through other programs) for Windows 7.
Address Book can run directly through shortcut (no need to run through OE)
Email Import-Export fixed and working like on XP!
Added new settings multi purpose menu with usefull settings.
Runtime error when OE started Fixed.
Attachments box (was small size) isue fixed.
UAC Prompts Fixed (asked every time to run OE)
Fixed problems opening attachments.
Fixed "Show HTML content" missing setting problem.
Fixed problem for drop eml files directly to OE from external folders.
Fixed some installation problems

Fixed startup problem (starts minimized)
Fixed Problems when moving mail folders (crashed)
Added Strartup type option on tray menu (maximized,minimized,normal)
Optimized installer isues
Fixed windows 8 and 8.1 compatibility problems

Fixed missing text format toolbar on all langs except english.
Fixed attachments problem.
Added tray icon menu (change language,auto hide to tray, enable-disable fidolook add-on.
Added FidolookSL add-on option (enable on right click tray icon menu)
Added Internet Explorer Add-on, to send pages and links to Outlook Express (still in beta phase).
Added tool to check for new versions (on right click menu)
Fixed sendto menu "permission denied" problem on 64 bit systems
Fixed some compatibility problems caused by WindowsMail

Fixed Default Programs problem on 64bit systems.
Fixed bug when opening external links from emails.
Updated "SendTo" app (Fixed some bugs,support all file names, work on all languages,much faster).
Updated Language Changer (change language to address book and inet messages also).


RE: Outlook Express 6 for windows 7 ,8 and 10 [DOWNLOAD] - Rafael - 02-15-2015

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